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About Dr. Oswald

A. Michele Oswald, Ed.D.


Michele is a former classroom teacher, head of school, higher education administrator and lecturer, and serves as an international expert on teacher education. She earned a BS in Sociology and MS in Education from Saint Joseph's University and Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Temple University in Philadelphia.

Research shows that teachers who fully engage in ongoing and sustainable professional development improve student learning in their classrooms. 

Knowing the research, and understanding effective professional learning requires carefully planned programming, Michele has developed professional learning workshops that will improve teaching and learning in the classroom.

Michele collaborates with administrators and teachers on creating professional learning plans for schools and individual teachers. Michele then works to ensure  the workshops are aligned with the professional learning goals in those plans. 

What teachers are saying:


"Michele is a wealth of knowledge!"

"The workshop was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Michele kept pace moving quickly and was brilliant to work with!"

"Michele was extremely prepared and knowledgeable. A+ experience!"

"I would love to have Michele come speak to our school!"

"Michele, you really made me evaluate my teaching." 

"Michele presented the information in a very engaging manner that was memorable and enjoyable."

"Great job, Michele! You are an excellent presenter and your years of dedication to the field of education are inspirational."

"I enjoyed the high level of discussion and chance to meet other teachers."

"I most enjoyed learning new information and scientific research and engaging with Michele."

"The workshop was engaging and kept us active. The activities we did and the resources that were shared are all useful."



Using strategies grounded in adult learning theory, Michele tailors content to meet the specific needs of teachers and delivers workshops that are informative, engaging, and entertaining for participants. 

Some popular workshop topics include: 


Differentiating Instruction

How People Learn

Cooperative Learning

Using Research Based Instructional Strategies

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Call Michele. She will help you develop a professional learning plan and design workshops specific to your needs.

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